Tourbox not working Premier on PC

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Tourbox not working Premier on PC

Post by Picmover » Tue Jul 21, 2020 10:52 pm

I just put my TourBox (v 2.1.1 downloaded today) on my work station which is a PC running windows 10 (specs below). I can not get it to work with Premiere Pro 2019 or 2020. It crashes both right after starting the project. I've tried this also using an exterior hard drive and on a server and it crashes on both (the Premiere projects) as well. After the crash my computer won't even recognize the hard drive the Premiere project was on until I either eject the drive or restart the computer. When I "exit" TourBox everything works fine after restarting my PC. 

I've tried deleting my Premiere preset (one I made from home on my iMac) and using a blank preset but still no luck. I've tested it with Photoshop on this PC and it appears to work fine.

I have been using this same TourBox on my iMac at home running the latest OS and working on this same Premiere project with no issues at all.


Windows 10 Pro
i7-4790k CPU 4HGz
64 bit-OS x64 based processor

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Re: Tourbox not working Premier on PC

Post by Tourbox » Fri Jul 31, 2020 12:26 pm


Thanks for your feedback. 

Actually, TourBox will not let the software crash. Would you please help us to confirm whether your Premiere can work well on your Windows PC? And only when using the TourBox, it crashes? 
Could you please send us a video to help to illustrate the problem you have met? We want to check in which steps or what operations that case the crash. And please help to send the video to our customer support by email at

Also, TourBox console v2.1.2 has released. Please download the latest version to test and try out more features:)

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