Dial Knob and Scroll chaotic (uncontrollable) behaviour

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Dial Knob and Scroll chaotic (uncontrollable) behaviour

Post by chornyi » Thu Aug 06, 2020 6:52 pm

   I have a very strange issue with a Dial, Knob and Scroll brush controls in PhotoShop.
Instead of increasing or decreasing bush size, opacity or hardness it behaves very chaotic: randomly changing the function (for example decreases and increases brush size or zooms in and out) with no possibility of control it! Once I have started to rotate any of them I only have to wait for it to stop. It stops by it self eventually.
A small screen capture video from PS included.

My system specifications are also included.Image
Language change in PS did nothing to stop this.

This kind of behaviour started before  TOURBOX CONSOLE Software Version: 2.0 release. In some way it gradually increased with time since I've started using you product.

It is extremely comfortable. I'm kind of got used to this comfort in my workflow very much and now it's almost painful to constantly stumble over this glitch :( 

I hope you can do something! I was among of the first of your devoted backers.     
Hope to hear from you asap! 

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Re: Dial Knob and Scroll chaotic (uncontrollable) behaviour

Post by tourbox.com » Thu Aug 20, 2020 7:17 am

Hi Chornyi,

Sorry for the late reply. Please update your TourBox console version to the newest, which can be downloaded through this link: https://www.tourboxtech.com/en/downloads.html. As we've already optimised the firmware and other aspects of TourBox in the latest version.

And please contact support@tourboxtech.com if you have any further questions.

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