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Feature Requests: switching to specific presets and lists of keypresses

Posted: Mon Feb 08, 2021 3:02 pm
by martin
I've been using the TourBox for a few months now and I'm finding it to be really useful with both photo and video editing. But I have a couple of frustrations that I have feature requests for.

I mostly use the TourBox with Lightroom and Davinci Resolve, and I have multiple presets defined for both programs. For example, I have two different presets for Lightroom: one for the Library module and another for the Develop module. Similarly I have three different presets for Davinci Resolve depending on whether I am working in the Edit, Color or Fusion page.
The 'Switch Preset' built-in is really useful, but it is also quite limited. If I'm using Lightroom, I don't want to cycle through my Resolve presets; if I'm using Resolve, I don't want to cycle through my Lightroom presets. So, my suggestion:

It would be really useful to assign a button to send a keypress and load a specific preset. For example, in the Lightroom Library preset it would be great to assign the tour button to do a 'D' keypress (to switch to the Develop module) and then load my Lightroom Develop preset. My Develop preset could similarly assign the tour button to do a 'G' keypress (to switch to the Library grid view) and then load my Lightroom Library preset. In my Resolve presets I could perhaps configure Side-Left set to perform Shift-3 (to switch to the Edit page) and then load my Resolve Edit preset, Side-Up to switch to the Color page and load the Color preset, and Side-Right to switch to the Fusion page and load the Fusion preset.

Another useful feature would be the ability to assign a list of keypresses to a button. The first time you press the button it performs the first keypress; the next time you press the button it performs the second keypress, etc; when it reaches the end of the list it cycles back to the start.
This would be useful for cases where we always perform a certain sequence of actions. For example, in the Davinci Resolve Colour page, when I create a new node the first thing I always do is add a node label. It would be really convenient if I could setup a preset to: press C2, create a new serial node; press C2 again, set the node label; then when I press C2 again it will create another serial node. It would similarly allow a single button to toggle between states that require different key presses. So a Lightroom example might be: assign a button to the list {'G' and 'E'} so that pressing the button would toggle between grid view and loupe view in the Library module.

I hope that made sense and that you think them worth considering.
And thanks for a great product!

Re: Feature Requests: switching to specific presets and lists of keypresses

Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2021 2:48 am
by Tourbox
Hello Martin,

Thank you for reaching out. Regarding to your request of not having to cycle through presets of "A" sofware while you're looking for a preset of "B" software, here are the things you could do.
1. Link the presets to its corresponding software
2. Assign the function of "Switch Preset" to the SAME key (we suggest the Tour key)
3. Turn "auto switch" on. TourBox would be able to recognize which software you're using and only switch among the presets within.

I hope this helps.

If not, please let us know. And you'e welcome to contact us via to get faster reponse.

Best regards,
TourBox Team