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 TourBox Console V2.3 Now Officially Released!

Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2021 6:22 am
by Tourbox
TourBox Fans!

NEW update for TourBox Console V2.3:idea:

  • Add built-in function: Canvas Rotation in Photoshop
  • Add built-in function: Canvas Rotation in Clip Studio Paint
  • Add "mouse-related operations" shortcuts key in preset setting
  • Add three input languages are compatible while using TourBox: Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese under MAC system
Download Here!



In the past 3 months, TourBox keeps on firmware updating from V2.2.5 to V2.2.6 and then V2.2.7 since our last update post for V2.2.4.
For V2.2.5:
- TourBox Console software is now notarized by Apple.
For V2.2.6:
- Firmware upgrading to 2.2, fixing bugs.
For V2.2.7:
- Optimize the process of firmware upgrading.

Again, click here  to get the lastest TourBox Console V2.3. Thank you for supporting TourBox. Stay tuned. :D