REQUEST: More button combinations please!

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REQUEST: More button combinations please!

Post by sonnyrull » Fri Jan 22, 2021 7:17 am

I was super excited when y'all came out with the new C1 and C2 combinations in v2.2! 

With TourBox we're all :geek:powerusers here, however, for us weirdos that need more and more, can we please have additional combinations?

Double clicks (big fan!) -
  1. C1 and C1
  2. All of the D-pad
  3. and lastly our special "Tour" button (:

Rotating section combos -
  1. Side+Dial and Top+Dial. (it's a bit weird ergonomically trying the Tall and Short with the Dial, so no thanks)
  2. D-pad+Knob. I know I would be able to find these combos extremely useful!

Kit section combos -
  1. Top+C1 and Top+C2
  2. Side+C1 and Side+C2
My editing team loves y'all and would like to thank you Team TourBox for all you do and we hope you guys are safe and healthy! :D


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Re: REQUEST: More button combinations please!

Post by Tourbox » Tue Apr 20, 2021 8:23 am

Hi Sonny,

Thank you for the ideas and we have to say, they are BRILLIANT! We value every idea/opinipon/advice from our TourBox users. We've your advice to the R&D Dept. and hopefully we would expand more shortcuts in near future. Stay tunned!

TourBox Team

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